Maximizing the distance of a throw

I stumbled upon an interesting problem in Kleppner's An Introduction to Mechanics — chapter 1, problem 21. The problem states: A boy stands at the peak »

The most important lesson the Ivy League teaches

Let’s face it — if you were sufficiently academically successful in high school to be admitted to an Ivy League university, you were probably a »

EPCOT Center, 2014

I’m a massive thrill-seeker. I dominated Cedar Point when I was 12, and I did each coaster with my hands up the entire ride. Thus, »

Programmatic Snapchat

Background A few friends and I rocked the Blackberry Curve back in 2009. A user could attach up to ten recipients to a Curve text message. »

On cheat days

Bodybuilders adhere to a strict diet in order to make as many muscular gains as possible. However, once every two weeks, many amateur / recreational bodybuilders reward »