Chrome extensions for Facebook — detecting new pages

I wrote a Chrome extension earlier this week to hide Buzzfeed links from my news feed, my groups, and others’ profiles. However, I was having issues »

Functional design patterns

Functional programming languages are useless in the real world, they say. And you know, they’re more correct than I usually want to admit. Firms really »

My thoughts on Facebook's relevance

We’ve all seen the statistics and anecdotes about how today’s youth are leaving Facebook in favor of Vine, Instagram, and Snapchat. Facebook, to them, »

CS skills in the real world — debugging

This is the first episode of what I hope to be a mini-series in the practical uses of skills learned through computer science. It’s August »

Attracting bright students to computer science

I stumbled upon computer science by accident. In a literal quest to 5 as many AP exams as humanely possible, I took AP Computer Science A »